2018 Nominees

YNOT received thousands of suggestions for the 2018 YNOT Cam Awards. These nominees made the final cut.

A Whole New Adult Industry

Leaving the old stereotypes and labels in the past.

YNOT’s goal with the YNOT Cam Awards is shine a bright spotlight on the talented people who perform in the adult interactive space, and on the powerful ways this community is changing how we all look at adult entertainment.

The categories for the YNOT Cam Awards 2018 were carefully chosen to represent the really positive things that are happening with adult interactive entertainment. The categories eliminate old niche labels that group people into stereotypes and limit their potential.

For most categories we chose not to segregate by gender. Where we did specify categories for women or men, these categories were open to ALL women and men. What you see below are those chosen as finalists for the inagural event in Hollywood.

Our Amazing Nominees

We couldn't be prouder of these awesome performers, our 2018 nominees.

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